Yuanyang Tea Recipe

Yuanyang tea is a popular beverage in Hong Kong. Everyone there seems to be drinking it.  What makes this drink special?

The unique thing about Yuanyang tea is that it combines the flavor of coffee and tea in one beverage. For lovers of both drinks, Yuanyang tea can be a pleasant surprise. It has that good combination of being tasty and energizing at the same time.


What is  Yuanyang Tea?


As mentioned earlier, Yuanyang Tea is not like any other type of tea. You might have come across it under different names. It is also known simply as coffee with tea. Other local names for it include:


  • Yuenyeung
  • Yinyong
  • Yingyong
  • Yin Yang


Basically, it’s a mix of Hong Kong Milk Tea and coffee.  It can deliver a significant jolt of caffeine. Should you visit Hong Kong, then you’ll discover for yourself just how popular this drink is over there. It is sold everywhere in the city. The amazing thing about it is that each vendor has his own secret recipe for making Yuanyang tea.


Why Yuanyang Tea is So Popular

So, why is Yuanyang tea so popular? The culture and history of Hong Kong has fueled the popularity of this beverage.

To understand the popularity and prevalence of Yuanyang tea, one has to go back to the history of the city. Remember that Hong Kong was a British colony for more than a century. It was inevitable that British customs and practices were going to be adopted and what could be more British than the afternoon tea? The favored teas were the black teas from Assam or Ceylon. Those from Assam are particularly favored in making milk tea. People from Hong Kong really liked milk tea and so it became a popular drink.

Today, Hong Kong is as busy as ever. The people there are constantly on the go. That means that they need something that can keep them awake. As we all know, the best thing for that is a dose of caffeine and that is the demand that Yuantang tea came to fill.

It’s important to note that Assam tea has the highest caffeine content among the black teas available. It contains 86 mg of caffeine per cup. Ceylon tea boasts of 56 mg per cup, which is quite high too.

Now, when those caffeine content are combined with 130 mg of caffeine per cup, which you can get from coffee, your sleepiness is bound to disappear. That’s why Yuanyang is such a great wake-me-up drink and it’s also made easy to gulp down because of the sugar and cream.

How to Make Yuanyang Tea

The following are the steps that you can follow, if you want to make Yuanyang drink for yourself. You can think of it as a coffee or a tea drink, either way, you should be able to enjoy it. When making this tea the coffee you use should be of good quality and fresh. You can use قهوة لافازا for this

These are the ingredients that you will be needing for making this beverage:

  • One fourth cup black tea leaves, enough for making four and a half cups of black tea
  • Four and a half cups of brewed coffee
  • Six to eight tablespoons sugar
  • Three fourth cup cream

These are the steps that you can follow in making Yuanyang tea:

  1. Brew your tea in five cups of water.
  2. While your tea is still steeping, you can start brewing your coffee. You can use your preferred method of brewing coffee, the important thing to remember is that both tea and coffee should be strong.
  3. When you tea and coffee are both ready, combine them in a large bowl.
  4. Add the sugar into the coffee and tea mixture. The amount of sugar that you will add should depend on your taste.
  5. Add the cream into the mixture. The sugar and the cream will make the beverage easier to drink but if you prefer it to be strong, then you should limit it.
  6. Once all the ingredients have been added, you should stir the mixture together thoroughly.

This could make up to 10 servings, depending on the size of the cup that you will be using. If you’re not a fan of hot coffee or tea, then you can also serve it with ice. It could prove to be the best iced tea that you have ever tasted.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Yuanyang tea now and experience coffee and tea like you have never before.