How to cook Chinese food at home

Some people enjoy eating Chinese foods and they will eat them every day if they have them available. However, unless Chinese foods are your normal cuisines, you may have to order in when you want to eat them. So, it can become quite expensive over time since eating out normally has a big price tag attached to it. Fortunately, there is a compromise that can be made that will allow you to have your Chinese Food dishes at home at a reasonable and affordable price, and that is to learn how to cook Chinese Food at home.
With that being said, here is a simple strategy that can help you to get started.

Stock up on essential Chinese Ingredients

One of the first steps in getting started is stocking up on Chinese ingredients so that they can be readily available at any time of the day. In fact, the basic premise is to make sure your cabinets are filled with these spices, similar to keeping salt and pepper in the cupboards at all times. So, here’s a few staple items and the primary purposes for using them.

  • Chili Sauce – adds an extra zing and punch of chili in your dishes.
    Chinese Mushrooms, dried — these mushrooms are used to add a meaty flavor since they make great soups and broths
  • Dark soy sauce – used as a staple in braizes for stir fry
    Fermented Black Beans – Used to make your own black bean sauce for your noodles
    Ginger, Fresh – used to tenderize meat, while also neutralizing the fishy taste and odors in your dishes
  • Hoisin Sauce – Used for making spare ribs and stir fries. Hosin sauce will also add a sweet smoky flavor
  • Oyster Sauce – Used as an extract in many seafood recipes and can also be used to prepare vegetable dishes.
  • Rice – White or brown rice is used in soups, vegetable dishes and as a main course. The type used depends on the flavor desired. For example, if the person is looking for a certain nutty flavor, they may use brown rice.
  • Rice Vinegar – may be used as dipping sauces for stir fry. Milder taste than American vinegar
  • Rice Wine – Substitute for sherry adds flavor to marinades
  • Soy Sauce – Used for several different purposes, including as a condiment,seasoning, marinade and much more.
  • Toasted Sesame Oil – Adds an extra aroma to dishes — Drizzled after the dish has been prepared

Grab Your Favorite Chinese Recipes

After stocking your cabinets with Chinese Ingredients, the next step in becoming a Chinese chef is grabbing your favorite Chinese recipes. Since the taste preference for each person differs, you should start off with the dishes that you like the most. However, it is important to remember that the less complex the better. Meaning instead of starting off in deep water, you may need to wade near the lower tide first. For instance, you may want to start cooking a simple stir fry with only rice, vegetables, and the complementary seasonings. Once you master this dish, you can move up a little more into deep water by adding meats like chicken, beef, shrimp and the like. This will allow you to gradually become proficient until you can be dunked into some more flavorful dishes that take a little longer to prepare for your entire family.

Choose Kitchen Appliances for Chinese Cuisines

In addition to looking for the best Chinese recipes to prepare, you may want to fill your kitchen with Chinese kitchen appliances. Do your research in advance before heading out to your local retail store. For instance, if you do not have a Chinese Wok, this may be the first item that you will need to purchase.

Cooking Chinese foods at home does not have to be difficult if you make preparations in advance. The first steps include developing a simple strategy that tells you everything that you will need to get started in a successful venture. Some of the more notable include stocking up on Chinese ingredients to ensure you are getting the authentic taste in your recipes, grabbing your favorite Chinese recipes from credible online sources and purchasing the most common kitchen appliances that’s traditionally used in any kitchen that prepares Chinese Cuisines on a regular basis.